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Pleated Filters
are sold in 12 lot cases only.
Brand may vary due to
availability. They are
shown as each, but multiply by 12
to get case price. All Orders less
than 12 will not be shipped

Pleated FiltersPleated Filters, next to the permanent variety are your best bet. We carry multiple lines of these filters... Glasfloss and Purolator and Precissionaire are a few. The pleated style will capture more particulates than fiberglass or synthetics. They are still the disposable variety, and should be replaced every one to three months. These are available in one inch widths as well as two inch. Not all sizes are listed, so please do not hesitate to call us with your measurements. Our Toll free line is waiting.

Pleated Filter 10x10x1 F1010P

Pleated Filter 12x12x1 F1212P

Pleated Filter 12x18x1 F1218P

Pleated Filter 20x20x1 F2020P

Pleated Filter 12x30x1 F1230P

Pleated Filter 14x18x1 F1418P

Pleated Filter 14x14x1 F1414P

Pleated Filter 18x20x1 F1820P

Pleated Filter 18x24x1 F1824P

Pleated Filter 20x20x1 F2020P

Pleated Filter 14x30x1 F1430P

Pleated Filter 15x20x1 F1520P

Pleated Filter 16x24x1 F1624P

Pleated Filter 16x16x1 F1616P

Pleated Filter 18x18x1 F1818P

Pleated Filter 20x25x1 F2025P

Pleated Filter 20x30x1 F2030P

Pleated Filter 22x22x1 F2222P

Pleated Filter 2424x1 F2424P


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Pleated Filters