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Triple D SCM-707-01 Coil Cleaner

Triple D  SCM-707-01  Coil Cleaner
Item #SCM-707-01

Item Condenser Cleaner Type Alkaline, Concentrate, Nonfoaming, USDA Size 1 gal. Application 6:1 Mix Ratio, USDA Color Amber Standards USDA Formulation Biodegradable Weight 2.36

Triple “D”™ Premium Alkaline Coil Cleaner

Unique, triple-action degreaser, detergent, deodorant. Non-foaming condenser, evaporator and electronic air filter cleaner. A concentrated minimum 6-1 mix ratio provides full, effective cleaning power at low-use cost. Non-toxic, biodegradable, and contains no hazardous acids which reduces workers’ compensation and liability. USDA AUTHORIZED

Cleans Condensers Evaporators Electronic Filters Fan Blades Air Ducts Grills Permanent Filters Warning: FOR PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY. Eye and skin protection should be worn when mixing or applying solutions to avoid irritation.Use product in accordance with bottle direction.

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Triple D SCM-707-01 Coil Cleaner